Let's Get Personal

Just in case you’re wondering, the song Let’s Get Physical is definitely echoing in my head as I’m typing this post. And, while I have absolutely no intention of getting physical, I’m much more of a lounging on the beach kinda girl; I thought that this could be a great opportunity to get a little personal.

I was in my best friend’s wedding on August eighth and was fortunate enough to be her M.O.H. which is wedding speak for Maid of Honor. Anyway, the opportunity reminded me of two things: 1) How much I absolutely love Katie and Jon (the bride and groom) and 2) How lucky I am to have unbelievably talented friends who are photographers. Becka Knight and Nathan Robinson, who are also incidentally engaged, have been fabulous friends for some time. Their talent to capture a special moment is inspiring, and I am so happy that they were able to do Katie’s wedding. Here are two of the images. If you have a moment please check out Studio 222 and Becka and Nathan at:http://www.studio222photography.com/blog/