Maurizio Cattelan Gives the Middle Finger to the Piazza d'Affari

It has been extremely difficult for me to balance work, life, and writing as of late. Despite this however, I still get tons of questions from friends and acquaintances about my views and thoughts on contemporary art. I tend to write brief answers to all of them, usually because I find the entire experience quite enjoyable. I love those random questions; they allow me the freedom of easily expressing my quick thoughts on a work or movement. And usually, much to my delight, the questions are about fairly controversial topics. So please, keep them coming!

Last night I got a quick Facebook message (you can find me on Facebook at: about this recent article from the BBC The article briefly discusses Maurizio Cattelan’s sculpture in front of the Piazza d'Affari, pictured below. Here is my brief response to the question of whether this is art:

Cattelan is one of the most famous artists around today. Although his work is political, sometimes crude, and very controversial, it isn't without a solid art historical basis. If one were to set aside the clear (and in my opinion, completely substantiated political discourse) then at the very least you must admit is that work is pretty flawlessly sculpted. That has to count for something, right? And good on him for using Carrara marble. That was intentional! I like how he uses the same material that Michelangelo and Bernini used to create sculptures that resided in spectacular spaces dedicated to God...using that infers that the stock market and capitalism is essentially the contemporary version of worship. Probably true.

Anyway, I wouldn't exactly compare that sculpture to the Last Supper, as the article does in a round-about-way, but I will say that it seems present a valid social commentary and it is well made. Sounds like a decent piece of art if you ask me.


Jacopo said...

Sign the petition to don’t remove L.O.V.E. from “Piazza Affari” the Milan Stock exchange square:

Matilda Anderson said...

Thanks Jacopo for posting! I'm planning on signing it.